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撤退 at Mercy High School 伯林盖姆 are an essential part of the spiritual development of Mercy 学生. The retreat program is designed to give 学生 time away to share, reflect and pray. *Please note that during COVID-19 all retreats will be virtual.


The freshman year culminates with a mandatory retreat at Lands End in San Francisco. The freshman class participates in a challenge ropes course conducted by the Pacific 领导 Institute. Freshmen work together to develop confidence, trust, support, communication and 领导 skills. The following day in class 学生 reflect on their retreat experience and its implications for the life of faith.


二年级学生s participate in a service learning day at St. Anthony’s foundation in San Francisco. This retreat experience offers a “hands on” experience of the gospel message of serving those at the margins of society. Serving the marginalized is a key component to the Sisters of Mercy vision of education.


凯洛 is an optional two night retreat held at the Jesuit Retreat Center 在洛斯阿尔托斯. 高级 retreat leaders, under the direction of the Campus Ministers, prepare and conduct this retreat for the 初级s. 凯洛 provides the opportunity for 初级s to reflect on their relationship with themselves, 他人与上帝. 这个词 凯洛 means God’s time. 凯洛 gives 学生 the opportunity and time to allow God to work in them.


高级s attend the mandatory 高级 Day of Recollection. During the day 高级s stop and reflect on their four years at Mercy. It provides 高级s with time to celebrate with each other and offer gratitude to God for their Mercy education.